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  • Crownbrush 10 Blusher Palette with Blusher Application Tips!

    Posted on May 31, 2013 by Oli Jones




    Powder blushers are really popular and are great for that soft elegant finish.  This blusher is great to use over matte foundation as it complements the matte texture really well.



    The Crownbrush 10 matte and shimmer blush palette can be used as contour, bronze and blush in colours from light pink to deep dark pink as well as a couple of neutral shades perfect for adding depth and giving a polished finish to any make-up look.  This palette is presented in a matte black case ideal for travelling and easy storage and cleaning.



    A beautiful bouquet of hues, from plush peaches and jazzy pinks to intense reds, blooms in both creamy mattes and iridescent shimmers. This face makeup palette will keep you glowing all year long!



    Blusher Swatches:



    Karla’s Top Tips for applying blusher



    There are so many ways to apply blusher. You can not only achieve different looks by using different blusher shades , but by applying blusher in different ways can give you different looks once you know how to apply them correctly. 

    The Classic blush Look:



    A classic blush looks great on everyone.  To apply using SS013 Deluxe Angle Blush brush with your chosen powder blush shade over the apple of the cheeks and run the blush along the cheekbone towards the temple.  You can make this look really structured with a strong line along the cheekbone, or you can make this look more subtle with a softer line along the

    Applying blush to contour face shapes

    Contouring products like foundations, bronzers and liquid highlighters can all help balance out our face.  However you can do this with blusher as well.  The ideal face shape is an oval one, you can find your face shape from looking at the following face plans I did if you want to alter the shape of your face with blusher contouring follow these simple rules:


    Round face: 


    If you have a round face shape then you want to draw attention away from the side of the cheeks. To do this apply blush on the cheeks and towards the ear.  The blush will act as a shader and narrow the face.


    Square face:

    For this face shape you want to draw attention to the centre of the face, rather than along the jaw line and forehead.  For this shape apply blusher towards the centre of the cheeks rather than towards the ear.

    Long face:

    For this face shape you may want to make the appearance of your face look wider than it is.  To do this with blusher, apply it directly along the cheekbones to highlight and draw attention to the width of the face.



    This is classed as the perfect face shape! I simply apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks.


    I hope this helps many of you when applying blusher from The Crownbrush 10 shade blusher palette. It's now online (It was out of stock for ages) and is only £14.99!


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